Last Dance - Gay Short Film / Dance On Film (outlicioustv) Video

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When a dancer loses his partner, he goes to the studio to work out his grief. What happens next will touch your heart.

As featured in the Huffington Post Arts:
"For most of us, the aftermath of a breakup involves a pint of ice cream and a box of tissues. For those of us who possess talent in the realm of dance, however, heartbreak sometimes leads to higher artistic outpouring.
Allow CODECdance to show you what we mean. In the short film below, the New York-based multidisciplinary dance company shows what happens in those final moments when a relationship fades into oblivion — well, at least for those of us who engage in serious choreography with our romantic partners."

Starring: Tom DiFeo, Jonathan Breton
Director: Brian Pelletier

Amazon Video Reviews:
"It is beautiful to watch and so powerful even within the few short minutes to watch. The music and choreography is beautiful to watch. I too love to watch gay dance. I encourage everyone to watch. You will feel so much."

"A dancer and his lover experience one last dance together in a this film with no words, just a simple, repetitive score."

"Loved it! Whimsical but loaded with emotion."

Last Dance is the launch video for CODECdance, a multimedia dance project from OutliciousTV. Subscribe to CODECdance's channel for more dance related projects!

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Duration: 03 Minute, 04 Second
Rating: 4.23 - Very Good
Definition: HD
Published: 3 Years Ago
Author: OutliciousTV

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