The Royal Bed▪full Movie English▪1931 Video

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Released on January 15, 1931: Eric VIII King of Birten faces revolt from his subjects, an evil General who wants to take over, a daughter in love with the son of a plumber, and his biggest challenge . . . Queen Martha.

Directed by Lowell Sherman
Written by J. Walter Ruben from the play "The Queen's Husband" by Robert E. Sherman

The Actors: Lowell Sherman (King Eric VIII), Mary Astor (Princess Anne), Anthony Bushell (Freddie Granton), Hugh Trevor (Crow Prince William of Grec), Nance O'Neil (Queen Martha), Robert Warwick (General Northrup, Prime Minister), Gilbert Emery (Phipps), Alan Roscoe (Marquis of Birten), Frederick Burt (Doctor Fellman), J. Carrol Naish (Laker), Nancy Lee Blaine (lady in waiting), Lita Chevret (lady in waiting), Desmond Roberts (Major Blent), Mischa Auer (Grecian Ambassador), Ralph Bushman (guest at Grand Ball), Eric Mayne (guest at Grand Ball)
Duration: 1 Hour, 12 Minute, 12 Second
Rating: 5
Definition: SD
Published: 7 Month Ago

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