Club Mix - Sheila Ki Jawani Fl Studio - Tees Maar Khan Video

All credits go to their respective owners.
Please check out, I will be posting tutorials on how to use Ableton Live to make songs.

Please check out, I will be posting tutorials on how to use FL studio to make songs.

Its all about sheilaaaa!!....this song just screams dance....kick ass rhythm, amazing promos of Katrina shaking to it....and of course extremely sad lyrics...what more could one want from an Item song...has the complete bollywood stamp. :)!!!

Well kidding apart...excellent composition by Vishal Shekar..the music just rocks..has so much sway to it. Once again ..getting picky I guess ....I was not impressed with the remix in the album..wanted to do my own club version based on the original song and tempo...which In my opinion is a much more dance worthy track.
Kept synth additions/effects to the minimum to keep to the original...came up with a new bass line and me..increase the volume and you will feel it!!!! Definitely will make you wanna move it when the first sheila line hits...:)!!
Alright...enough with my rant on the music...kept the video very simpe...used images of katrina...think she is too hot to handle in this song...made all of them black and white to make the video interesting...she looks even prettier in b&w.

if you enjoyed this version please leave your rating and will only keep me going at it and making better mixes.

DAW - FL Studio
Midi - M-audio Oxygen 49
Mastering - FL studio Mixer and Master (My first track using the compressor in FL and it is plain awesome)
Monitoring - M-audio AV40 monitors, ATH m40fs headphones

No copyright violation - Making the mix for learning purposes. The credit for the original belongs to the original composers Vishal and Shekar
Duration: 04 Minute, 46 Second
Rating: 4.45 - Very Good
Definition: HD
Published: 7 Years Ago
Author: Kratos612

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