I Love Your Moves - Full Movie Video

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I Love Your Moves follows the story of Ari, age 17, who just moved to America from Russia, and lives with his mother and his grandfather. Adapting to his new American life, this awkward teen is having trouble making friends and fitting in.

Reaching beyond his means, he falls in love with Paris, the most popular girl in school, and a champion ballroom dancer. Ari finds a way to get closer to Paris by joining the school’s ballroom dance program. What Ari doesn’t know is that his grandfather is in fact Goran Kiev, perhaps the greatest ballroom dancer who ever lived.

When Paris realizes that Ari has natural talent, she sees her ticket to the Regional Championships and a scholarship to the New York Dance Academies. Standing in their way is Della, their dance teacher and the spurned former partner of Kiev, and Dolby, Paris’ jealous and violent boyfriend. Ari and Paris find love along the way as they learn the most important rule of ballroom dancing: “never stop dancing”.
Duration: 1 Hour, 44 Minute, 15 Second
Rating: 4.5 - Very Good
Definition: HD
Published: 3 Years Ago
Author: FilmRise

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