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A question I hear a lot is 'What is an accent lesson like?' Due to the warm response to my appearance in WIRED's Movie Accent video, and its subsequent live REDDIT AMA, I'll be uploading videos here to help answer questions like this one!

You can find the WIRED video here:

You can locate the REDDIT AMA here:
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Some terrific accent resources I recommend:

'Speaking With Skill' - Book and DVD by Dudley Knight. (Dudley Knight, the founder of Knight-Thompson Speechwork was a phenomenal dialect professional, a mentor and a friend. He's a big reason I became the dialect coach I am today, and he will always be missed by a great number of members of the professional speech community.)

Link to the book on Amazon:'s Pinterest page which has over 3,000 accent and voice related links.

I recently held two very popular accent intensive workshops:

General American Accents Intensive


Arabic Accents Intensive.

Video recordings of these classes along with extensive PDF's with embedded accent audio samples are available for purchase here:


Thanks again for stopping by! I welcome your comments as well as suggestions for topics for accent videos to come!
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